The five-member, veteran, wise-cracking crew of the mineral survey ship Audrey is nearing the end of a long mission far from home. They receive a request from Fleet Command to investigate a space anomaly in their area in exchange for some extra pay. They are advised to retreat at the first sign of trouble. What could possibly go wrong? It’s The Twilight Zone meets Guardians of the Galaxy adventure.

Starship Challenger is the story of Captain Cage and the crew of the Challenger, as they explore The Outer Rim of the galaxy…

The vessel was assigned a deep space mission with a newly assembled crew with very few ties to home, when conflicts arise that put a strain on relationships among the crew, as well as their ability to fully commit to the mission.

A story about a family-run merchant cargo ship, “URSA MARU”. A lumbering beast of a vessel, it’s been cobbled and retrofitted a hundred times over from countless Federation vessel parts.

The idea here is that the family is a hard-scrabble bunch that works the shipping lanes that come in close proximity to Parkeshi pirates and other renegades.

Based on the Star Trek episode “Assignment: Earth,” interstellar Agent Gary Seven’s mission is to assist Earth to develop into a peaceful society, protecting the planet and preserving its timeline.

Set around the turn of the 21st century, amid being followed by two strange unknown agents, Seven, assisted by Roberta Lincoln, intervene when attempts are made to change Earth’s history, at times, bringing it to the brink of global war.


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