Assignment: Earth

Assignment: Earth

Based on the Star Trek episode “Assignment: Earth,” created by Gene Roddenberry (teleplay by Art Wallace), interstellar Agent Gary Seven’s mission is to assist Earth to develop into a peaceful society, protecting the planet and preserving its timeline. Set around the turn of the 21st century, amid being followed by two strange unknown agents, Seven, assisted by Roberta Lincoln and his “cat” Isis, intervene when attempts are made to change Earth’s history, at times, bringing it to the brink of global war.

Special thanks to Scott Dutton of “The Complete Assignment: Earth” for posting our “Assignment: Earth – Boredom” vignette on his website (under “Video Vignette”).

* To honor Gene Roddenberry’s vision and retain the overall “look-and-feel” and spirit of the original “Assignment: Earth” concept, the cat’s name in the 1968 episode, Isis, possibly inspired by the name of an ancient Egyptian goddess, has been preserved, despite an early 21st century militant group adopting an acronym with the same letters.  Any perceived similarity between the two, no matter how far-fetched, is entirely coincidental.


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  1. Thank you so much for visiting and exploring Assignment Earth, Gary Seven, giving us imagery of a story began but never before furthered as you’ve attempted, thanks for the attempt of furthering the story

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