A story about a family-run merchant cargo ship, “URSA MARU.” A lumbering beast of a vessel, it’s been cobbled and retrofitted a hundred times over from countless Federation vessel parts.  The family is a hard-scrabble bunch that works the shipping lanes that come in close proximity to Parkeshi pirates and other renegades.

The father, Max Roberts, is the captain. Strong and no-nonsense and folksy. He’s fiercely committed to his family and livelihood. The daughter, Madelyn “Maddi” Roberts, flies the ship, very cocky and a bit tomboyish. The son, Arthur “Arti” Roberts, is very tech-savy, nerdy and likeable.

The grandfather, Deke “Gramps” Roberts, is the chief engineer, crusty and temperamental, but big-hearted. The Captain’s sister, Grace Roberts, sees to the medical and culinary needs of the crew. She’s tough, but kind… but don’t get in a fight with her… it will be your last.

Both the teenagers have Asperger’s Syndrome, making them super smart, quirky and highly focused. The kids’ mother, Donna, or “MOM”, who had studied at the Daystrom Institute, was killed in a raid on the ship a number of years back, but lives on in the form of the ship’s computer; having had her mental engrams impressed on the computer’s circuitry, (much like the M-5 computer, but without the crazy) so, in a way, the ship is always looking out for her family… She can also be a little sassy. Max wears a computer interface for private communications with MOM, which makes for some interesting arguments.

LOTS of potential for high space adventure/morality play stories, in a similar vein to Firefly.

In the pilot, Parkeshi pirates storm the vessel in search of valuable cargo and MOM takes a dim view of the invasion.


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    • We’re very excited about this new series. The writers who penned the pilot are working on a second episode right now. As soon as “Starship Challenger” gets released, we can concentrate on developing our other series!

    • Starship Challenger is set in an era shortly after The Original Series. Some of the characters from Mother are familiar with characters and events from Starship Challenger, so it is set around the same time period.

      • Thank you so much for sharing both your eye candy, Star Trek and Human Trek Fan Films, also the lore of Mother and Challenger of which I am a backer, every little bit counts to gain Eye Candy worth consuming

    • That idea has been raised among the writers and producers. As we set out to make an Anthology of Star Trek stories, we intentionally drew strong bonds among our various series and the Star Trek universe. Starship Challenger and Assignment: Earth are so closely related to The Original Series, whereas Mother is far enough afield from Starfleet operations, that it indeed could be a standalone science fiction series.

      It is discouraging that fan-based productions are faced with the decision of de-branding or de-badging their works. Fortunately, most productions will survive based on the talent of the writers, performers and crew. Unfortunately, many of us have invested heavily in representative uniforms, props and set pieces, which might be difficult or impossible to be repurposed.

      The final decision will come prior to moving Mother into pre-production. We are still on course for shooting the first two episodes of Starship Challenger, and we certainly hope our dedicated fans will have the opportunity to see our vision in a complete, polished release. After that, we can focus on the future of each of our series and standalone stories.

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