Starship Challenger

Starship Challenger

Starship Challenger is the story of Captain Cage and the crew of the Challenger, as they explore The Outer Rim of the galaxy…

The vessel was assigned a deep space mission with a newly assembled crew with very few ties to home, when conflicts arise that put a strain on relationships among the crew, as well as their ability to fully commit to the mission.



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    • That is our intent. We are bringing new adventures in the same vein as the 1960’s series. Each element of the production is carefully planned to represent the original. Being that this is produced outside the studio system, the process takes a little longer, but the final result will speak volumes.

    • We still need to shoot a few more bridge scenes for our pilot episode; however, we’ll also be shooting the bridge scenes for our second episode, so we’ll be able to release those two episodes while we produce the pilot episode for one of our other series. In the mean-time, we have a special prologue, which will set the scene for “Starship Challenger,” to be released soon. Check back here, on any of our social channels, or our newsletter for that announcement.

  1. Looks good and interesting even if at times it appears that the ship is a Constitution Class turned upside down and trimmed down a bit. Good luck with the project. The starship certainly has the right name. It is the name of the Starfleet chapter I’ve run for nearly 30 years and I am happy to see some adventures of a ship named Challenger in the classic era.

    • That’s great to know! Keep in mind, several classes of ships used very similar components (primary/secondary hull and nacelles) in various configurations. Our Challenger is Miranda Class, an interpolation of what would be a prior generation of, say, what we have seen as the USS Reliant. Glad you like what you see.

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