We appreciate your consideration and support of The Outer Rim, and as such, will be very responsible with your donation.  Your generous contribution goes directly to production costs; all individuals involved with this project are volunteer.  We intend to preserve as many of our purchases as is reasonable to support future productions.  If it is more cost-effective to purchase a larger quantity of expendable items and the funds are available, we will do so, to support future productions.  Our number-one priority, however, is our upcoming episode.

This link takes you to the PayPal website to process your donation.  Nobody at The Outer Rim has access to your private financial information.  The information you provide is secured on PayPal’s servers only.  All we receive is your name, email address, and the amount of your donation.

In order to shoot our next episode, we need the below equipment, supplies and personnel.  If you can help with any of these, please contact us.


Sets :

Several sheets of MDF, a couple dozen sheets of luan, 1×2’s for framing, 2×2’s for support, Plexiglas for control surfaces, paint, screws, nails, clamp lights, lighting gels, clear cast, carpenter’s glue, super glue, painter’s caulk, glazing compound, carpet, salvaged vacuum cleaner tubes and hoses, expandable clothes dryer conduit / hose, salvaged car seats, five office chairs, a table and a small compressor for a nailgun.

Wardrobe :

Tailor-made uniforms have been received, and our volunteers are making various adjustments to complement this new universe. “Another Door Opens” has a couple guest characters requiring costumes, as well.

Make-Up :

In addition to regular cosmetics for our human personnel, aliens require coloring and latex appliances that must be replenished regularly.

Properties (“Props”) :

Panels and other accessories for the operational areas of each ship.  Donations will support the purchase of necessary materials.  These will be re-used in future episodes.

Operational Costs :

Facilities, equipment, supplies and materials that must be purchased, rented, cleaned and maintained.  These include batteries, memory cards, rental lens kits, filters, gels, diffusers, cables, card readers and such.

Equipment (Preferably donated, else loaned, otherwise rented) :

  • A slider with removable mount
  • Two LuminesseAir airbrush makeup sets
  • Small flat screen HD monitor for our second camera
  • Editing suite upgrade ($299)


Volunteers (Preferably in the Burlington, Vermont area, or can get yourself there) :

  • Production Assistants: Hands-on experience working on a film set, supporting the production team.
  • Hairdresser:  Providing artistic styles for our alien characters.
  • Best Boy
  • Boom Operator
  • Jib and Dolly Grips
  • Assistant to Key Grip
  • Slate Handler:  Ever wanted to yell, “Scene One, Take One!” then slap the clapboard?
  • Seamstress:  Maintain the look of costumes over the run of the shoot, making adjustments and repairs.
  • Property / Wardrobe:  Account for props/wardrobe, transfer them between storage, dressing rooms & set.


Other ways you can help The Outer Rim:

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  3. Share our content, online and offline.  We provided social share buttons on each web page.


Thank you,

James A. Bray, Creator
Chief Executive Producer
The Outer Rim


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