Welcome! The Outer Rim is the destination for the Challenger, an exploration vessel with a hardened crew.  Inspired by Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek, The Outer Rim is an anthology of web series featuring various ships surviving along the outer rim of the galaxy.  Follow our social channels and sign up for our email newsletter.


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  1. This has considerable promise; however, without the infusion of people of color in its story lines and production, it will negative the vision which Gene Roddenberry had as well as negate the extended vision that other producers and creators have had, including the vision that Mr. Nimoy had and shared. And there are people of color who have money nowadays and who have been Trek fans for decades. Peace and blessings to you.

    • We appreciate your observation. Let us assure you that the inclusion (or exclusion) of any specific demographic is neither intentional nor an oversight (with the exception of “Mother,” which is written to highlight the contributions people living with Autism make to society), but the makeup of experienced volunteers who chose to dedicate their time to this production. We support Gene’s vision of a civilization that embraces and leverages our unique qualities to make society as a whole stronger. Thank you.

  2. Hi, this looks really promising; I am a fan of yours from England, look forward to seeing more. I am interested to know what time frame these three series are going to be set. ‘Challenger’ is obviously Original series era, but does it take place before, during or after Kirk’s five year mission? I have the same question for ‘Mother’. Also is ‘Assignment: Earth’ going to be set in 1968 or 2015 or some other time? With Thanks.

      • Thank you for your interest and support. “Starship Challenger” occurs parallel to the Enterprise’s fifth year of their original five year mission. There is a chance meeting during our pilot episode, then Challenger explores a separate region of the galaxy. “Mother” is a standalone production set nearby at about the same time, which lends itself to encounter similar alien worlds and regional events as the Challenger crew. “Assignment: Earth” occurs a few years after The Original Series’ episode timeframe. We will introduce a new nemesis for Agent Gary Seven, and each episode may incorporate a significant historical Earth event “sometime” during that era.

  3. Hi guys, another fan from England here. Just want to say I am really loving the design of the Challenger and the Ticonderoga. They really do look like earlier versions of ships from the next generation but stay true to the style of the original series. You guys did an amazing job. I have two questions. Do you plan on making an ships that look like early versions of the Stargazer or Pegasus? I just really loved the look of those ships. Also on another note in the original series they used alien races to parody real life events like the civil rights movement. Do you have any plans for episodes that will parody modern day issues like the war in the middle east or groups like anonymous? Keep up the great work guys I am really looking forward to seeing the final product 🙂

    • It’s great to hear from fans from all over the world! If you click on “The Ships” menu item, you will see a couple other configurations that will be seen in the early episodes of “Starship Challenger.” As Challenger’s mission places it along the outer rim of the galaxy, interaction with other Federation vessels will be limited, but with fans like you, we are inspired to write stories that may include such ships.

      As for your second question, the short answer is “Yes.” The defining quality of The Original Series was presenting modern social issues in a safe, fictional environment to encourage discussion and enact change. We fully support that ideal, and intend on continuing that quality in “Anthology.” For instance, “Mother” illustrates the a family living with autism, as two teenagers with Asperger’s Syndrome positively contribute to the outcome of each story. “Assignment: Earth” will investigate historical events, with the possibility of including very recent events; and “Starship Challenger” opens with issues around authority, and how perceptions can affect leadership, followed by our second episode, which places two individuals from completely different backgrounds, “polar opposites” who must work together in order to survive. You will appreciate how they eventually “see” each other’s side of the situation.

  4. Just saw you guys in the local paper! That teaser looks pretty promising. The only problem i have is that i would think by the 23rd century, theyd have found a cure for birth defects and whatnot. By all means, autism awareness is a good thing, i just wondering if there was some backing to that? I believe there was an episode that explained that. Whether it was in ST:Enterprise, or TNG, i dont know. I watched both recently and im pretty sure it was mentioned. Either way, im excited. Did you hear that cbs might be backing a Warf Chronicles??? Look it up! Voice your opinions online. Let CBS know #wewantwarf! We need some new content.

    • Although not overtly expressed, various characters, both Starfleet officers and alien visitors, were endowed with characteristics that those on the autism spectrum can identify with (the most notable being Reginald Barclay, though Spock and Data’s interaction with others have been compared to that of someone with autism). Through the episodes and films, we learn how these characters learn, grow, develop, and relate to others and the world around them. It is our goal to tell vibrant, new Star Trek adventures, and include characters who live with autism in that environment.

      As for “Star Trek: Captain Worf,” the latest news is Michael Dorn is seeking an independent producer to fund a two-hour motion picture to act as a pilot for a five season (13 episodes each) story, with hopeful visits from some characters Worf had close relationships with during “The Next Generation” and “Deep Space Nine.”

      Thank you for your interest in Star Trek Anthology, and keep an eye here, on our social media channels, online newsletter, and hopefully a future edition of the St. Albans Messenger for more production updates. And, if you can make your way to Ticonderoga, New York on September 4th-5th, you can meet the creators and cast of “Starship Challenger” and see a new teaser trailer for the series, accompanied by a Question-and-Answer session at Trekonderoga: http://www.Trekonderoga.com

    • Thanks, Ronald. It’s indicative of how excited “Star Trek” fans are to learn about more new adventures. It is great to see so many people supporting and sharing this project. We’re just getting started!

  5. As we close in on our big shoot, I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone that has shown interest and/or contributed to this project. If you like what you’ve seen so far (And I know it hasn’t been much, really) we’ve got all kinds of “candy” to hand out over the next few months as we gear up. Our plan is to shoot out all of our pilot episode, “Another Door Opens” and shipboard scenes for our second adventure, “A Logical Solution”.

    We still have a few small needs that require funding…nothing MAJOR just yet…but little expenses always seem to crop up… if folks can spare a few dollars here or there, it would go a long way toward stoking our engines. Just click that DONATE button!

  6. Thanks for the welcome, just read about CBS dropping their lawsuit against Axanar. Great day for Star Trek!

    • Technically: Nothing. However, thousands of fans have produced books, artwork, merchandise and audio and video productions without any interference from the rights holders. This is true for many genres…not just Star Trek. Although hundreds of Star Trek fan films have been developed without distinct guidelines from CBS/Paramount, most productions have adhered to an unofficial set of guidelines, a “gentleman’s agreement” if you will, developed through many casual interactions with the rights holders…along with a bit of common sense…that have to date kept them free from litigation. The production you mention is a single entity that has overstepped some of these accepted protocols, which is well-documented in other forums.

      Thank you.

  7. How will this be different than the Star Trek episodes that had been planned? Will the plots remain the same while changing the character names? Or are there going to be completely new concepts?

    • Fortunately, much of our original content will remain intact. By placing “Starship Challenger” (with a new crew) at The Outer Rim, we planned on interacting very little with known ships, personalities and species, but rather introducing new allies and adversaries to the “Star Trek” universe. Since these concepts are our own unique creations, they will be retained. Now, they’ll be the cornerstone of a brand-new science fiction world; it will have a similar feel…but with a different tone.

      “Mother” and “Rift” at first were intended to be standalone series outside the “Star Trek” universe. During the development phase, we discovered an opportunity for these series to reference events and personalities from the others, including “Starship Challenger,” with the potential for cross-over vignettes and episodes. We then fashioned the scripts accordingly. They will continue to share the same setting…just without references to “Star Trek” concepts.

      The “Assignment: Earth” script we have written is a celebration of that popular 1960’s episode, placing these memorable characters in a new situation closely tied to specific canon elements. While we could “de-Trek” the script, we feel the spirit of the story would be lost. We are investigating how to share that tale within the new constraints published by CBS and Paramount. We do have a vignette currently in post-production that highlights this setting, due out soon.

      We hope this gives you a good idea the direction we’re headed. New information will be shared on our social channels and our newsletter as we continue development of these series. We look forward to your input, feedback and participation in this community.

      Thank you.

  8. Hey I don’t know if you guys remember me at all.My name is Peter Weitzman and I was going to pitch you some ideas and you were talking about me signing up to receive your Writer’s Guide as well as the confidentiality agreements.One of my ideas is to show the earliest Klingon-Romulan alliances as well as some non Roddenberry perhaps 1960s Outer Limits future world that might be of interest.And when I spoke he mentioned his Gary Seven series idea ,please let me know and if you are still working on it.
    There are several ways of going at this both Trek and non Trek related that could be used to tell stories.
    -Thank you,Peter Weitzman

    • Absolutely!

      It’s great to see your stories will fit into other science fiction universes. We hope to return to the “Assignment: Earth” world at some point. It’s such a riveting story, that truly deserves the “Trek” treatment. We were able to release our work-in-progress vignette, which fits the CBS guidelines (http://www.exploretheouterrim.com/assignment-earth-boredom/); however, the full feature will have to wait.

      We are gearing up for the Sweepers pilot episode “Rift.” Set construction begins after the first of the year. The Challenger series will have very much the same “feel,” but a different “look” from Starship Challenger, which we discussed with you previously. The essence of the stories will be retained, with a spectacular new world within which to work.

      We would love to hear your pitch. Feel free to contact us with specifics.

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