Assignment: Earth – “Boredom” — 4 Comments

    • Thank you so much! We’re gearing up for our pilot episode of “Sweepers” right now. We hope very much to return to the world of Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln.

  1. Original. Great premise and a music to fit the adventures of Gary Seven. The only thing that astonished me was that Roberta Lincoln obviously needs reading glasses, since while reading her magazine, she had her nose right into it, which means that she’s shortsighted (LOL).
    My suggestion would be to dedicate yourselves to develop an entire original series based on Gary Seven, and if copyright hinders it, than just call him Harry Eight, and refer to the character of Gary Seven as being busy elsewhere.
    After all, the original spin-off didn’t take place anyway, so why should it be Gary Seven the one to take center stage?

    • Wonderful thoughts. That is an avenue we have considered…and still might…though we really had our heart set on continuing “the series that never happened.” A question we have asked ourselves is, if we strip all “Star Trek” specific elements from the show, would the rose by any other name smell as sweet? We’re still pondering that question, and if we do release a “step sideways” series based on “Assignment: Earth,” most of the script for the pilot episode will have to be heavily re-written, as it was a celebration of “Star Trek” lore.

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