Assignment: Earth

Assignment: Earth

Assignment: Earth Cast

Brian Bean as Gary Seven
Sarah Mitiguy as Roberta Lincoln
Rebecca Larken as Isis
Shadow as Isis

Production Team:

Brian Covault (Executive Producer)
Kimberly Ann Remsen (Production Assistant)
Mark Strock (Studio Security)
Willie Yee (Grip and Electric)
Amber Christie (Production Assistant)

Created by:
James A. Bray

Based on the Star Trek episode “Assignment: Earth,”
Created by Gene Roddenberry (Teleplay by Art Wallace)

Mark Rudge
Mike Perry
Clarence Bernard Donath
Gary L. Evans
Ron Asman
Christopher LaRoche

Scott Johnson
Kent Schmidt

James A. Bray

Bill Lutz

Bill Lutz

Andrew Grieb (Internal)

Rod Barnes (LEAD)

Andy Patterson (Theme/Score)

Alex Viaggio
William J. Teegarden
Jessica A. Pelkey
Shannon Maginnis

2nd AD
Brian Covault

Paul Petty

William B. Alexander
James A. Bray
Brian Covault
Jessica Burke
Anthony Burdge
Glenn E. Smith

Michael Z. Rork (ZINFANDEL)

Henry Gibbens
Ken Thomson

Jodi L. Bray
Brian Cole
Brian Covault
Bill Lutz
Scott J. Smith

John Sims
Mark Burchett (RIP)
John Atkin
Jerry Stanford
Steven John
Glenn A. Miller
Barbara Reader
Taylor Lederman
Samuel Frazier
Steve Kelley
Linda Webb Cleveland
Tony Washburn
Kari-Sue Marcos
Joe Desrochers
Henning Wendt


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  1. I have just watched your beautiful – and super apt! – theme for your upcoming webseries of ‘Assignment Earth’ – can’t wait for more updates!! If you are ever looking for cast extras I’ll be the first to volunteer! Good work on all your wonderful efforts and accomplishments! LLAP

    • We’re very excited about that concept, as well. It’s fun to develop a series based on a single backdoor pilot…imagining how Gene Roddenberry’s proposed series might have looked. The principal roles have been cast, and we have a brilliant composer who has come aboard to design an updated theme for the series.

      Currently, we’re focused on producing the pilot of “Starship Challenger.” Once that series has launched, we’ll begin focusing on our other offerings. The best way to be in-the-know is to follow our social media channels (purple icons in the sidebar), and/or subscribe to our newsletter at

      As for volunteering, we will have opportunities for our fans to take part in the development of this series in a variety of ways. We have no need for background talent at this time, but when additional shoots are announced, we will share such openings and reach out to our fan base via the above channels.

      Thank you for taking the time to write us today.

      Peace and Long Life.

      • It’s even kinder of you to reply, your updates about potentially working on the ‘Assignment Earth’ webseries would be wonderful, and I’ll be sure to follow the updates about ‘Starship Challenger’ and more updates through the newsletter! I was so in love with the theme and the music, which I thought was such a beautiful tribute to the series that ‘might have been’ had Gene Roddenberry gotten his wish, and indeed a tribute to Robert Lansing and Teri too! You can definitely count on me as a volunteer to contribute something to the development of your projects for sure, and I will keep watching this space!

        Best of luck to you, always,

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