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I’m Jim Bray, Chief Executive Producer and Creator of The Outer Rim. Let me tell you a little bit about the Universe in which The Outer Rim resides.

A few decades from now, society is not so utopian as is portrayed by the United Federation of Planets. Earth’s government is run by corporations. There is no President or any branch of government as we are accustomed to. Earth is now a member of a larger interplanetary coalition known as the Unified Worlds Consortium. Earth’s military branches are now consolidated into “The Corporate Fleet.” Mining and resource acquisition are the main tenets of the Fleet’s “Mission Statement.” However, there are rumblings of discontent within the inner circle of The Command. There have been too many outbreaks of violence and resistance caused by corruption within the Corporate government. Some Fleet Captains have taken it upon themselves to take a more peaceful and level-headed approach where exploration and resource discovery is concerned. But the old establishment suffers from a paradigm paralysis and would rather take what they want by force. Many heroes in our stories struggle to live in this adverse environment attempting to find a better way.

Can peace, humility and cooperation win out over greed and technological might?

The Anthology Concept

I’d like to take a few minutes to tell you a little bit about what we think is a unique and exciting web-based science fiction presentation.  You may remember in the 1970’s, NBC had an interesting anthology series called the NBC Sunday Mystery Movie.  Each week, it would feature a different detective story.  There was “Macmillan and Wife” starring Rock Hudson and Susan Saint James, “Heck Ramsey” starring Richard Boone, “McCloud” starring Dennis Weaver, and who can forget “Columbo” starring Peter Falk.

The concept for The Outer Rim will be very much the same.  Each segment of the series will take place, well, along the outer rim of our galaxy, some time in the future.  Our premier episode “Rift” will feature a mining ship Audrey that encounters an advanced civilization during their mission.  How they deal with this alien race will have long-lasting repercussions throughout the region.  Later, our tent-pole production, Challenger, will highlight Captain RJ Cage and the crew of the exploratory vessel Challenger, operating in the same region of space.

The look-and-feel of Challenger can be described as an “Express Train to the Twilight Zone.”  Throw in a pinch of “Galaxy Quest” and “Outer Limits,” and well, you kind of get the idea.

The pilot is written and ready to shoot, as well as a second episode…and a very funny and moving vignette.  Challenger may be a common thread that runs through our other planned series, such as “Assignment: Earth” and “Mother.”  To stay up-to-date on The Outer Rim productions, subscribe to our newsletter.


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